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"I had a spinal fusion and a decompression of my lower back 6 weeks ago with Dr. Roger Sung and I am very pleased with the results. The pain in my legs and buttocks is gone and my recovery has been swift and virtually pain free. My balance is improved and I no longer have cramping in my legs which was quite common before the surgery. I am going to start therapy also which should help my overall strength so I feel like a new person! Dr. Sung was friendly and helpful and he made me feel confident that he would be able to correct the problem. I would recommend him to anyone needing this type of surgery."

-Kathleen Salimeno

"I first came to Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group to see Doctor Sung mid-year 2014. I am 72, the pain in my leg was quite bad and I took painkillers daily. I had my MRI results with me. They took some X-rays and quickly said I was a good candidate for surgery, but first I had to do physical therapy followed by injections. Neither helped and by the end of the year the pain had reached the level of extreme. Walking was difficult and driving was very painful. The next appointment they said I should have the surgery, and I said yes. They did a L4-S1 fusion. You are cut from both the front and back. You will have surgical pain, you will take pain killers, you will wear a brace for 6 weeks and you will not bend lift or twist during your recovery. It has been one year since my surgery and the results are outstanding. The pain is gone. It is wonderful. Doctor Sung and his staff are very nice. They are to the point and precise. I would recommend Doctor Sung without reservation."

-Peter Spangler

"Dr. Sung was engaged the whole time with me, he was always there and realistic with me in terms of options and insurance."

Dr. Sung and his team submitted the two-level procedure to Tricare, but were initially denied. But with Tony’s encouragement, and Dr. Sung’s persistence, they appealed this decision.  Within days, Tricare overturned their denial, based on medical necessity and the FDA-approved indications for Mobi-C.  “LDR was invaluable during this process,” commented Tony, “they provided the information we needed to get this procedure approved.”

"You don't know a life without pain until your misery is gone - thanks to Dr. Sung and his staff."

-Tony Colon

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